Friday, April 13, 2012

Whole 30: Take Two

So my Whole 30 quickly turned into a Half 30 then went downhill into a, well at least I'm not eating out every other day anymore.

*head shake*

I make the excuse that my diet is better than most people's. I mean all those people that pick the worst foods from all the worst fast food places everyday... I eat better than them. And I don't do dairy (casein intolerance for me and the baby) and very little gluten, so I'm steps ahead of most Americans... right?

It doesn't matter when the scale isn't moving, despite all the new exercising I'm doing.

Oh, I hear ya. But muscle weighs more than fat!

Um, well a pound is a pound. I don't need my son's homeschool kindergarten math book to teach me that. And the fact remains I still have entirely too many pounds to lose to be playing the muscle vs fat card.

Yes, my body is changing shape and I can squeeze into my pre-pregnancy jeans now. So yahoo! (The muffin top is something to behold though.)

But here's the thing, those used to be my fat jeans. And I would like them to be my 'before' jeans. You know the ones where people pose in front of a door and hold their old fat jeans in front of them and take a picture to show how they aren't fat anymore.

So I have some work to do.

Here's the plan. Some ladies from my gym said they started a Whole 30 yesterday. I said I'd restart today. Done and done.

The fine print:
1. I will not allow myself to give one slip or slide as an excuse to blow the whole thing.
2. Eating out is not an excuse to eat bread. (Bread makes you bloated and being bloated makes you feel like you've blown it.)
3. Feeling like I've blown it? refer to #1.

Anyone else want in? I'd love to have someone to complain with. Especially around day 3 when the 'low carb flu' sets in. You have to agree to the rules in the fine print (and the rest of the Whole 30 for that matter). But anything is do able for 30 days!

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