Thursday, March 15, 2012

Whole 30 Starts Today

If I put it out there, I'm accountable, right?

The Whole 30 isn't so much a 'diet' as a set of food guidelines. It's just eating clean. You take out all the foods that are scientifically known to be harmful. When you stop to look at it, it only makes sense as the way we should all be eating. It just isn't what all those processed food makers throw at us through TV commercials and other flashy ads.

It isn't hard. At least not any more than keeping a clean house is hard. It's work. You have to think about it. Then you have to do it.

I know. I've done it before. I had great results. Weight loss, of course being the biggest deal to me. But also more energy, high self esteem, better quality sleep, and better moods (it makes a big difference during 'that week', ladies!).

So why didn't I stick with it?

Well, I can give you every excuse under the sun from pregnancy to moving across the country. But it comes down to lazy decisions. It's the same reason I have 4 laundry baskets full of clothes waiting to be folded. I thought, "Oh, I'll just let it slip this one time."

I'll just eat this fast food now because I'm hungry and didn't plan...

I wont eat the bun...

But I'll just have a couple fries...

Doing the Whole 30 is a way to get back on track. I can do anything for 30 days. 30 days isn't a long time.  But it is long enough to start making new habits.

And I'd really like to fit in my pre-baby clothes again. Also, my brother is getting married this summer. I'd like to recognize myself in the family pictures. Plus, the bonus of just being healthy.

It's time.

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