Monday, April 9, 2012

More about Inspiration

So, my post about not feeling very inspiring was, also, inspiring.

Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments. I was both absolutely touched and completely embarrassed that I'd managed to draw so much attention to myself.

I mean, I know writing a blog that people are going to read it. And I know that by sharing it on my Facebook page that people I know will probably read it. I'm cool with that. I wouldn't put anything on the internet that I didn't want the entire world to know. In fact, I think it would rock if people all over read my blog. It'd be as close as I will ever get to famous.

But at the same time, WOW! I didn't expect such a strong response. You guys are really great. I have an awesome support system.

Yesterday, I finished a 5k. It wasn't a fancy race 5k. It was the up and down my street until my neighbors thought I was crazy 5k. My husband called it my first annual Easter 5k. ... we'll see.

It took me almost an hour. I stopped in the middle to get something to drink and recover a bit. I certainly didn't run the whole time. I wanted to quit... often. I tried to talk myself into quitting.

Ha! I tried to talk myself into quitting. There was a time a few weeks ago when I would have tried to talk myself into starting and wouldn't have bothered. And yesterday, I tried to talk myself into quitting and I didn't. That's a big step. (Of course, the 5k was a big step.)

I didn't quit because I knew all you guys would be behind me, even though you weren't physically there.  

And I didn't quit because I knew I could do it.

I've been doing Crossfit for 8 weeks today. I'm way more in shape than I have been in years. Even when I was 50 lbs lighter, I wouldn't have made the 5k while still breathing. Not once did I have to walk because I was out of breath. I had to walk because my body was tired.

Okay, fine, I'll admit it. I gave into the walking way more than I would have if you all had been there with me. That's why Crossfit is a class. You push a lot harder when someone else is pushing hard too. And when you think you just don't have anything else to give, someone will give you a shout out reminding you that you can do it and not to give up. And then there is some special magic with those words that does manage to give you more strength. I can't explain it. It's something you have to experience.

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