Thursday, April 19, 2012

In a Funk

Bleh. I don't know what it is. The weather has been pleasant. Nothing big has changed in my schedule. My post-baby hormones seem about as constant as they have been. But whatever it is, I'm in a funk. Maybe it's the fact that my back is still a little tender. It's getting better, but it's still slowing me down. Maybe, that's it. Who knows. But the point is, I'm moody.

I'm not "Get Out of My Way!" moody. But just easily annoyed moody. And I know everyone else in my house is starting to feed off of it.

Funny how just one person can bring down everyone around them.

Sometimes it's slow, like it has been this week. Everyday everyone is just a bit more touchy than the day before.

Sometimes you are in such a bad mood that you just have to look at someone and they are soured for the rest of the day too.

Why is it that bad moods travel better than good ones?

There have been days when just being around someone happy has made me happy. And sometimes it sticks and sometimes it only lasts a moment.

But a bad mood is like a cold, it just lingers around and the next thing you know all your friends have it too.

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I hate being in a bad mood. I like my friends and family too much. And it isn't so much about them putting up with me. But I'd like to keep liking them and it gets trying when they are in a bad mood. Know what I mean?

So to end the vicious cycle of funk, I have to start with me. Bleh. That sounds like such a pain. But I suppose it isn't nearly as bad as listening to my kids bicker.

My plan: Fake it, til I make it.

I will pretend to be the happiest most patient person ever. And eventually I wont be pretending anymore.

Practice until I'm good at something? Wow, that's a novel concept. And it works for moods as well as behaviors.

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