Friday, April 20, 2012

A Bonus to Being the New Girl

There is a bonus to being the new girl (or guy) at your gym. So if you are worried about drawing attention to yourself, don't. As I've posted about before here, even the biggest people at the gym have a role to play. They inspire as much, if not more, than the super athletic types, because they are very obviously putting it all on the line. The same is true for all new people.

And that's the bonus, the super athletic types see that and give you tons of encouragement. Not the 'bro' kind that sounds like, "Hey, Slacker, you can do more than that!" (Always said in the friendly teasing way, at a good gym.) But the "You are doing awesome! Keep it up!"

That's the bonus to being new. You don't get teased. And while there is something to being there long enough to get to the teasing stage. It's really nice to have the heartfelt encouragement that comes with being new. Maybe that's what keeps people coming back. It certainly doesn't hurt my feelings for people to tell me how great I am.

After the first few times, I actually started to believe them.

So if you are ever feeling down about yourself or feel insecure. Get yourself to the nearest Crossfit box. It can turn a bad day around.

I'm still not the strongest or fastest. But I'll be damned if I don't feel like it by the time I leave.

No Crossfit near you? Join any class. Spin, Zumba, Jazzercise, whatever. Exercising on your own is great and healthy. But there is something about suffering with others that just makes it so much better. And no one cares what shape you are in, and if they do, find a better class. There is a fit for you somewhere.

The encouragement you get from working hard and doing something for yourself is better than any end of day glass of wine or whatever you use to come to terms with your stressful day.

After all, you are awesome. Isn't it time everyone started telling you so?

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