Monday, May 7, 2012

Open Letter to Athletic Apparel Manufactures

To the people in the design and development department:

I just wanted to let you know, I really like your clothes. They look cute. The new sweat wicking technology sounds awesome. All the 'keep cool' designs seem really impressive. I just have one problem. None of it fits. You see, I'm a bigger girl trying to get fit. I'm not alone. I'm guessing by your lack of product created to fit us, you've forgotten about us. I just want you to know we are out here, wanting to shed our hot, baggy men's sweat pants and t-shirts. We'd like to wear the 'keep cool' tops in bright women's colors, and the compression pants that are made for our body types. We have the money to spend if you'd just help us out. I don't feel like I'm asking a lot with that request.

But while I'm at it, I have another. It'd be great if you'd follow the same vanity sizings that the rest of the clothes making industries use. I say this because it's very defeating when I go to put on the XL shirt and it's more like a medium. All my other shirts say XL, it's something I've come to accept (but only for now). As you see, I've been working hard for months to change that to an L. But when I try on your XL super cute sweat wicking semi-fitted tops, I feel like a giant cow. And I'm pretty sure it creates lumps that I don't have otherwise. Not good. Women have a very emotional tie to their clothing size and having to go up breaks our hearts. And sad girls are less like to work-out. They certainly aren't going to be buying your clothes. And I want to work-out. I like it. It feels good. If you could design some clothes to go with my getting fit spirit, I would appreciate it.

So please, think of the big girls. We are working hard to get into your awesome fit girl apparel, but it'd be nice to have something to wear before we get there besides men's sweat pants.

<3 F'N Strong

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