Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have to fess up. I was eating M&Ms the night of my last blog. To make matters worse, my husband was reading my blog while I did it. And he said, "I'm reading this great blog." And then began to quote me to me. LOVELY.

It had been a hard day. My 5 year old son was just being defiant and frustrating. And his 3 year old sister was learning all his best moves. I'd had enough and I turned to sweets.

In my defense, I only had a handful (okay! two). Which goes a long way from where I was before I learned about Paleo.

And I don't have any M&Ms in the house now.

I will be buying some dark chocolate. I like those Ghirardelli Squares, they are the right size to eat just one. I get the 72% but I'm going to move up to the 86%.

But for now, I'm going to not have chocolate in the house. It seems a better move.

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