Monday, February 21, 2011

SINS Body Transformation Blog Challange

Adam at posted up the outline for Strong is the New Skinny's Body Transformation Challange. (See here)

Wow that is a mouth full to say.

I'm not sure how committed I am to blogging this. I'd like to think since it is a challenge that I'm going to be gung ho. It's always easy to be gung ho in the beginning.

But over the holidays I regained all the weight I worked so hard to lose last year. (read 20 lbs!) Dang! That sucks. How'd I even manage that?! It took ALL FREAKING YEAR to stick to it enough to lose that weight. And from November until today, I managed to put it all back on. Needless to say I have very little to wear, as I purge fat clothes as I shrink out of them.

So here I am.

189.4 lbs
size 14 (cough *16*)

I'm not ready to post a before picture. I cringe at looking at a before picture.

But I'll take one. I'll get the hubby to do one of those horrid sports bra too small shorts shots in front of a door. That seems to be the fad for before pictures.

<3 Katie

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