Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bacon, it's what's for dinner!

My biggest starting obstacle is food.

Some people claim the way to weight loss is exercise. I call BS on that. I know full well the more I exercise the more I eat. Who wouldn't be hungry after a 3 mile run? In fact, you should eat after exercise. Something with protein, it helps your muscles heal. But my weakness is comfort food. Gluten coated and fried, please and thank you. Or something completely gluten and covered in processed sugar. YUM!

So my first wave of attack at being the best I can possibly be is starting with what goes in my mouth.

And if you are like me and live in a backwater country town with only that small local grocery and a Walmart, you know how hard it is to get good clean food. It just isn't always available.

But it's about doing the best you can. I'm reviewing my Paleo/Primal food resources. Reminding myself about the values of clean food and proper fuel.

And when the going gets tough, I'll just remember there is always BACON!

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