Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Slacker Blues

I love Summer! I've never met anyone that doesn't. Sun is wonderful. And since the invention of A/C the heat is always manageable. But there is something about summer that just makes you want to laze around and forget all the things you are supposed to be doing. Why is that?

So after my family recovered from our summer colds two weeks ago. We were already in the laze around habit. Comfort foods (although kept within a form of reason) and sitting on our rears had taken a pretty big hold. It doesn't take much to slip back into old habits.

Come to find out we aren't the only ones with this affliction. After going back to the gym yesterday (for the first time in a week), it seems quite a few people have been missing.

Have we all started to slip away with the last of the New Year's Resolution hangers on?

Is it just a Summer Slacker thing?

Who knows. But it does seem to have us all in a bit of a funk. A funk with slightly tighter clothes.

I firmly believe that weight loss is mostly related to diet. But exercise can be 100% reflected in mood improvement.

It's just a matter of getting back at it.

This week is shaping up to be a fun one. I don't love all the movements used in Crossfit. I haven't met anyone that does. But everyone has favorites. And so far, the schedule has included mine.

So if you are doing a program that you are starting to find tedious, or you've been running but now it's getting too hot outside and your are having to resort to a treadmill and don't care for it, I suggest Crossfit. It's something different everyday.

If you aren't exercising. You should. It'll change your life.

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