Saturday, June 11, 2011


So my pregnant brain forgot to tell you all. I haven't been regularly posting because SURPRISE I'm pregnant. I thought for sure I said something before. Well, that's part of being pregnant. If that was the worst thing I forgot in the past few weeks... well, I wouldn't remember if it was or not.

It wasn't really my plan. Oh, I wanted more kids. But I certainly wanted to be a lot smaller, a lot stronger, and a lot further down this road than I am. Considering I'm barely passed the starting line. But there are resources.

Paleo is the PERFECT pregnancy diet. Having had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy, I had to go to all kinds of nutritional classes. Well, one class, lots of doctor reminders. My carbs allowance that pregnancy was:
Breakfast: 30 carbs
Snack: 15 carbs
Lunch: 60 carbs
Snack: 30 carbs
Dinner: 60 carbs
And I think there was another snack involved.

Good grief, who eats that much?! Did you know you can still manage a sandwich and Cheetos on that carbs limit? Yeah, the things you do when you are working the system.

But I did learn all about steak and greens for dinner. And my previous extra well done steak got more and more raw as the pregnancy went along. (Strange cravings, anyone?) I never felt better than when I had that meal. Stuffed to the gills. And my blood sugar loved it.

I didn't gain any weight after that diagnosis. In fact, I lost 3 pounds. (I had it to lose.)

Then after my baby was born, I went on to lose 50 lbs.

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