Friday, June 10, 2011

Slow Going

I've been miserable this pregnancy. If I went by how I feel alone, I would think new baby is a girl. Good grief between my skin and my nausea, they'd said it's the girl being spiteful. Or whatever the wives-tale is. But we are getting there. I've moved onto the second trimester. And I've even stopped by the local Crossfit box for my first intro lesson.

I died! My legs were wobbly for hours. And hurt for days.

No, I didn't over do it. Babies have had active moms for thousands of years. I can't image 1930s farmwife sitting on her ass with the pregnant excuse of not over doing it when there was cows to be milked, crops to be planted and other children to be raised. I certainly can't imagine Grok's wife sitting around playing helpless.

So pregnancy is not an excuse to sit on your ass. ... And yet, I still use it when I can get away with it. I also use it as an excuse to eat badly.

HOW? I can read your mind. I know some of you thought it.  It's not as hard as it sounds. Especially when someone mentions fries. Particularly waffle fries. Oh how baby intensifies those cravings.

But I recognize what's going on. I know the steps I need to take. Which I think is a huge step from my first pregnancy, where I ate Poptarts everyday (sometimes twice). Although, I did have a HUGE life lesson that pregnancy about my weight. I also had gestational diabetes. So I learned a lot about carbs and what they do to your body and why, contrary to conventional wisdom, we don't need them to survive. Certainly not in the quantity most Americans think is okay.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. Point is. I'm getting there. You don't have to start perfect to get to the right place. I continue to eat less grains and less sugar. And I'm still moving more than I was.

My goals: Eat no gluten grains, Move more.

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